Halloween costumes: Fun or Done

When I think of Halloween I think of candy, spooky environments, and especially COSTUMES!! You could say that the majority of people associate these three things with Halloween, what other holidays have you eat candy dressed as a super hero, pirate, or anything else out of the local Halloween store. So I decided to make a small observation to see who was more likely to dress up for Halloween, the Freshmen, the Sophomores, or the Juniors. I also interviewed some people about what they like about Halloween, like Isabella Diaz Ibarra, and a person who didn’t want to give their name so Anonymous.

I talked to thirty people in total, ten being Freshman, ten being Sophomores, and ten being Juniors. I asked them if they would be dressing up for Halloween. The Freshman had an even split with five saying they are and five saying they would not dress up for Halloween this year. For the Sophomores nine said they would be dressing up for Halloween and one said they would not this year, and finally out of the Juniors six said they would be dressing up and four would not be.

Isabella Diaz Ibarra: It reminds me of childhood and it’s the excitement from going to houses with family that is so much fun. Also the candy is pretty good.

Anonymous: I don’ t like the scary stuff but I do like the candy a lot.

Halloween is a great time to be what we are not, it is the pinnacle of imagination and for some it lets them show the world there creative side, but most feel it is somewhat looked down upon because older people shouldn’t partake in “childish holidays” like the freshman who had the lowest amount of people dressing up but it isn’t just about the candy and dressing up that, it’s about making memories with the people you like to be around, if that’s family or friends. I hope people remember that for next year and remember to have a Happy all hallows eve.

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