Freshman Advice

Freshman Advice

By Samantha Marrufo-Fuentes


Samantha Marrufo 2018


Welcome Condors to your 2018-2019 school year, and an especially huge welcome to our freshmen. I am now a sophomore and I was in your position about four months prior to your arrival. I asked a few freshmen how their high school experience has gone within the first two weeks and this is what they had to say. Daniel Huerta is currently in 9th grade and had expressed his feelings about the transition into high school. He explained that leaving middle school was very nerve-wracking. He anticipated being alone and sitting in the library, which luckily turned out to be untrue. He’s made a lot of new friends within the cross country team (shown above) which brings me to my first piece of advice. Join a club or a sport or an academy.

Joining clubs and sports helps you make a lot of friends, maybe some that will last into your 90’s. It really helps when you enjoy high school with the people that mean the most to you. Also, when you are in a bind and you and your friends are in a class together, they can one: make the class more enjoyable and two: help out when you struggle with homework.

Priscilla Magallanes, another incoming freshman had conveyed her opinions on Cal High’s block schedule. She expressed how it helps with time management which brings me to my second piece of advice. Do not procrastinate and manage your time well! I cannot express that enough, if you procrastinate you will be so stressed for the upcoming day, you won’t get anything done and high school will be way harder than it needs to be. Procrastination and poor time management is unnecessary stress that you do not need, especially when beginning a new chapter of your life. Because you have a block schedule, you can easily do your homework the day you receive it. It helps so much, especially when Friday rolls around since you won’t have as much homework to do.

Amy Sanchez, a freshman here at Cal High, said that high school was nothing like she had thought. High school is presented in the movies as something glorious and 24/7 singing. It’s not. Most people are tired from morning practice and they honestly don’t want to be here.

Lastly, although high school is fun, it’s also filled with failures and people deceiving you. Expect failures but also celebrate the successes. High school may not be what you wanted it to be, but you can make it memorable with friends and people you consider family. Make this your story that you can tell happily and proudly.


Samantha Marrufo 2018

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