Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Guzman

Breast Cancer Awareness

Cancer is something everyone fears. A simple word that might be a funny joke to some and a word that could mean the end for others. I am the “others” in this case. My mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and although she is no longer here the word still scares me. Due to cancer taking both my mom, and my aunt I now fear it. What if I woke up one day and it was all over? I would never see my dad again. What if I never got to achieve any of my dreams? I might not ever become a doctor. Cancer will always haunt me and fear me, the check ups that begin to start and the fear slowly takes over. Due to the trauma that cancer has caused me I hope others such as yourself to be aware and what we can do.

Breast cancer awareness is important for everyone to acknowledge. At Cal high, we encouraged others to wear pink and reminded others of the month. This month we should acknowledge those with breast cancer and donate money into different foundations, so those with cancer will be able to get the treatment they need. You can also help and volunteer at hospitals to help those in need, or simply start a friendly conversation with them.

I believe everyone needs to be informed about breast cancer and other cancers and diseases. The more people know about these diseases the more money and help people can get. With each person we get one step closer to finding a cure.

Photo credits: Ashley Reed and Messer Woland

Sites to visit for donations:

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