A Look Behind Night Rally 2019

Condors: can we talk about that night rally? This year’s was definitely one for the books!

The turn-out was great and the energy was through the roof! Plenty of people came to participate in a fun night full of cheers, dancing, and games- but how much work does it take to put on Night Rally?

This year the condors took a time machine to the past! The theme for this year’s 2019 Night Rally was Decades. Each class dressed and represented one iconic decade from the 1900’s. The Roaring Seniors represented the ’20s, The 80’s Juniors represented the ’80s, the Superfly Sophomores represented the ’90s, and the Fabulous Freshmen represented the ’50s! This night rally was definitely one to remember.

ASB Advertising Flier for Night Rally

Since summer, class councils and ASB have been hard at work planning everything that goes into making Night Rally. Class Councils decide their choreography, backdrops, class theme, and more! They’re the ones who are to thank for this fun night that everyone looks forward to. During the summer, ASB decided the overall theme for this year’s night rally and decided to go with Decades! It worked out nicely and was definitely unique enough for each of the classes to put their own spin on their theme, decorations, and attire! Talk about creative!

It’s over! ASB taking a picture right after Night Rally ended.

The day before night rally, class councils and ASB stayed all day to set up for their big event tomorrow. ASB also took this time to practice and prepare for their last-minute lip sync performance. It wouldn’t have happened without Justin Lovato, our ASB Tech Chair.

Sophomore Class Council posing after the night rally in front of their composition book inspired backdrop!
Here are some of the juniors posing in front of their neon backdrop with their super-rad 80’s attire!

Creativity is important when it comes to being on class council! Making sure you have great ideas is essential so you can one-up the other grades. Each class really let that show with their unique costumes and class sections!

Roaring Seniors & 80’s Juniors waiting for the announcement on who won Night Rally.

The night rally was hosted by our ASB President, Berlyn Padilla, and our ASB Vice-President, Raquel Diaz. They made the show entertaining and made sure we stayed on schedule with each game and lipsync. Without our hosts the night just wouldn’t be as fun! Marycarmen Rodriguez, ASB Spirit Comissioner, took the floor as well to initiate the cheers that took place between the classes. The people who planned it from beginning to end were our ASB Activities Reps, Sabina Schaefer and Alexa Hernandez. They made sure all the games and everything throughout the night were going smoothly- and without them, the night wouldn’t have been possible! Our ASB Tech Reps: Justin Lovato, Justin Toyoshiba, Alondra Jimenez, and Emiliano Jasis all worked just as hard making sure this night could even be possible! They took time out of their night to be behind-the-scenes making sure all the lights, audio, video and more were in fine shape. At the end of the night our hosts gave them a shoutout and round of applause for their hard work!

At the end of the night, after the points were tallied, the Roaring Seniors took home the win for this year’s night rally! It’s worth giving the 80’s Juniors an honorable mention though: they received 2nd place, they really brought their spirit, and were right behind the seniors on winning! The Superfly Sophomores placed 3rd and the Fabulous Freshmen placed 4th! Overall, the spirit and energy was through the roof and amazing. This is probably the one night Cal-High students aren’t afraid to let their spirit break free.

This Night Rally was definitely one to remember. It takes a lot of work and a lot of planning, so as each year goes by and Night Rally is soon to come, I personally get very excited and I’m sure many others do, too! Make sure to appreciate the work and people put behind these awesome events happening at our school! Don’t miss a single moment.

Michael Moran

Sophomore at Cal-High. Class of 2022. ASB Creative Marketing Rep. Business Academy. I love being involved on campus!

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