First Day of High School

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First Day of High School

By Kate Vizcarra

Photo by Kate Vizcarra 2018

On August 14,  2018, hundreds of freshmen started a new chapter in their lives. That Tuesday was the first official day at California High School for all 9th graders. Anxiety, fear, excitement – all of us were feeling these things. There are plenty of reasons to be nervous on your first day of high school and so many things to worry about: what if I can’t find my classes? or what if I can’t find my middle school friends? These are just a couple of thoughts that go through the students’ minds.

For the most part, everyone is worried about how they will look on the first day of school and they just can’t wait to see what high school is all about. Is it really like the movies? Will the cafeteria food taste amazing? Will there be a lot of cliques? Will there be endless homework? Every student just has to wait to experience it on their own. High school is different for everyone because high school is what you make of it. High school is supposed to be the best time of your life, so enjoy it while it lasts and make sure you get involved in different clubs and activities.

However, everyone has different first days of school, which is why I decided to interview some 9th-grade students to see how their first day went. The first student I interviewed was Daniela Tafoya. She said she was happy to reunite with all of her friends and that she had made plenty of new ones. Daniela also found high school was better than she expected it to be, and so far the worst part of high school was the homework.

Photo by Kate Vizcarra 2018

The second student I interviewed was Sebastian Flores (pictured above). He said his first day of school went well, but he felt anxious and nervous about the school in total and he was scared of getting lost. He said it was not what he expected it to be; he thought it was going to be like the movies where they make it seem like there are a lot of school bullies.

I also interviewed student Valeria Alvarado. She said she was super nervous that day because she thought she was not going to be able to find her classes, but she found them fast and everything went well. Valeria also told me that people on campus were really nice to her and that if she asked a question people would help her. The worst part about her day was that she had brought too many school supplies and her backpack was too heavy, and she had to carry it all day long. On the other hand, the best part of her day was being able to see her friends again and them being in high school together. She also mentioned how she had made some new friends.

The last student I interviewed was Yvonne Martinez. She said her first day was really exciting. She was excited to see all of her new classes and experience the feel of high school, but it was also very nerve-racking because she couldn’t find her classes and she got lost multiple times. She mentioned that there were a lot of circumstances where she didn’t know what to do. She is excited that there will be plenty of activities and fun things to do. The best thing that happened to her was that she made a lot of new friends and she is associating herself with kids who are at her same academic level. The last thing she mentioned was teachers being nice to her.

These were the first day of school experiences from some of our amazing freshman students here at California High School, home of the Condors. I hope everybody enjoys the 2018-2019 school year and remember to make your time here at Cal High unforgettable!


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